War Memorials & War Graves of the Isles of Scilly

Old Town Churchyard, St Mary's

War Memorial 1914 to 1918

Eldred C. Banfield Norman Bickford Michael O'Leary Sidney Woodcock Cicely F. Dorrien-Smith
W. Alfred Nicholls George Harrison Edward Venn Walter Franklin Frederick Ashford
Thomas H. Trenear Thomas F. Pender Arthur R. Edwards Charles W. Williams John H. Nicholls
Peter Lakey Sidney Pender Thomas Nance Cyril B. Banfield Thomas Ashford
Alfred C. Phillips Wilfred C. Ellis Ernest McDonald Eric R. Trenear Malcolm McFarland
Arthur C. Steel Frederick Nicholls Cyril Lakey Hubert Vincoe Frank T Boase
Wilfred Mortimer Henry T. Trenwith John Taylor William Strance  

War Memorial 1939 to 1945

Henry G. Ackway Edward C. Barrett J. T. Sullivan Bennett Roy Brace A Robert A. Dorrien-Smith
Francis A. Dorrien-Smith Lionel R. Dorrien-Smith John Ellis Jack Hayward William Hayward
Francis Hicks Silvia B. Jenkins John Kessell Leslie Legg Charles Nance
Dorothy Paice Stanley O. Phillips Henry Prowse Foster Raine Richard Roscholar
Francis Ryan J. Rodger Stideford Arthur Taylor & Herbert Taylor Marcus Treneary Barbara Watts

War Graves - 1914 -1920

D. J. Birse, RNAS A. Delves, H M Coastguard Fred. Cundy.
 H M Trawler 'Ruby' [A]
E. J. Jacobs
Duke of Cornwallis, L. I. 

War Graves - Royal Air Force & Royal Canadian Air Force

C. F. Capel - RAF H. Menary DCM - RAF H. C. S. Page DFC - RAF H. Prowse - RAF
T. S. Royan - RCAF S. I. Sanders - RAF I. C. M. Sanderson - RAF

War Graves - Royal Navy & Merchant Navy

A sailor of the 1939-45 war F. H. Jones - HMS 'Mutin' [B] L. J. Hales - HMS 'Warwick' [C]
W. E. Killey - HMS 'Warwick' R. Peacock -  HMS 'Warwick' M. N. T. Treneary - S. S. 'Octane'

War Grave - British Army

J. T. Northcliffe - Yorkshire Regiment

St Martin's Churchyard

World War 2 Plaque

Roy Brace Roy Cunningham Reginald Gillingham John Hayward
John Kassell Foster Raine Arthur Taylor

War Graves (SV 92868, 15640)

W. S. Dobbing - S. S. Olaf A sailor - S. S. Olaf


[A] - 'HMS Ruby' was a hired trawler / minesweeper.  She was torpedoed and sunk by UC 79 off N W France.  18 seamen lost including Fred Cundy.

[B]- Initially I thought F. H. Jones was from HMS Mutine (with an 'e') which was an Algerine Class Minesweeper of the Royal Navy launched 1943. Therefore the date on the headstone is too early.  There is another war grave in Dorset to Ordinary Seaman Walter Gordon Baker, 16th October, 1942 which says "Unit HMS Mutin, Royal Navy", it does not refer to a ship, but further digging found that HMS Mutin was a small craft of the Royal Navy Patrol Service, hence the RNPS on the headstone.

[C] - HMS Warwick was torpedoed and sunk off Trevose Head, Cornwall on the 20th February, 1944 by U-Boat 413.

[D] - Of interest in the Scillonian Magazine No. 273, Summer 2011, pages 215 & 216 is a note, by Mr R Larn, concerning the mystery of a L/Cpl Percy Chappell, 1st Devon Regt.  He was killed in action on the 6th November, 1917.  There is a memorial to him on a family grave, plot 1162 in Old Town Churchyard.

This completeness has yet to be confirmed and/or corrected.  Additional material welcome. Other islands to be added.