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It is worth taking a little time to familiarise yourself with the Navigation & Search facility. Those of you with Internet experience will find it very straight forward.  Search using 'Find on this page' works with most browsers. Apologies Frontpage is Old Tech. Can be very fiddly on small devices.

This web site started life in 2010 and was constructed using Microsoft Frontpage.   Most of the main links are on the HOMEPAGE/CONTENTS.  There are many more additional hyperlinks on the various pages to return you to the appropriate page and other 'book-marked' areas within the text.  These hyperlinks are underlined.  The numbered reference links within the squared brackets [ ] , are also hyperlinks and work in both directions on the same page.  Many of the wreck names, for example, are hyperlinked to take you to a further page which may have a photograph, extra text or both.

Remember to use the browser's BACK Arrow (OR Tablet Back Arrow) to return to the text particularly when there are no obvious hyperlinks on show to take you back to where you were. Lowercase words, underlined within the text may be hyperlinked to a 'Glossary' page, the BACK arrow will bring you back to the text. If you would like to search specific issues of the Scillonian Magazine on a particular page e.g. Number 200, type 200/ into the 'Find on this page' search box.

Editor can be contacted at edwardcumming(AT)btinternet(DOT)com.  Any suggestions & additions welcomed.