Augustus Smith's Weather Observatory

Weather Observatory  - Description c. 1900.  "On the left you will see a mysterious erection of black poles and cross bars suggesting a guillotine.  This is a huge barometer signal, composed of two masts sixty feet in height, with cross bars marking off equal distances.  Each bar is figured to correspond with the 28th, 29th, 30th and 31st degrees of the barometer. [A]  Smaller bars come between the long ones, marking the five-tenths of each degree.  A square black board runs in a grove between the masts, and by this the position of the mercury in the barometer is indicated twice a day.  The board is raised or lowered to correspond with the barometer, and a semicircular piece of board attached to one end of it indicates whether the mercury has risen or fallen since the signal was last attended to.  If this piece is turned up, the mercury has risen, and vice versa.  This was an original idea of the late Augustus Smith, Esq., for many years the proprietor of the islands, and it was erected by him for the convenience of pilots and shipmasters. "[1]


Picture of the Tregarthen's Hotel with the barometer structure in the background.

Left:  Another view from the Garrison

Above:  A close-up taken from the picture above.

All photographs courtesy of Sandra Kyne.
Further information and illustrations would be most welcome.

Reference & Note:

[1] - Handbook of the Isles of Scilly by J. G. Tonkin & B. P. Row.

[A] - By degrees, he probably means inches of Mercury.


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