Porths, Par, Per, Coves (Caves), & Bays

St Mary's - Starting North and Going Clockwise

Little Porth - Between Bar Point & Innisidgen

Tregear's Porth - South of Watermill Cove

Gilbert Porth - Pelistry Bay

Porth Wreck - Northeast Porth Hellick Down, north of Jacky's Point

Porth Hellick - The Porth into which Sir Clowdisley Shovell's body was washed into in October 1707.  Buried there for a short while before being taken to Westminster Abbey.

Porth Loggos (St Mary's) - Southeast corner, south of Porth Hellick.

Church Porth - East of Church Point

Stony Porth (St Mary's) - Between Porth Cressa & Inner Head (Monk's).

Porth Cross Brow - Porth Cressa Bay, west of Pilchard Pool.

Porth Cressa (Porthcressa) - {SV906,103}

Porth Mellon (St Mary's) - {SV9087,1087}

Thomas Porth - Between Newford Island & Porth Mellon

Porth Loo, West St Mary's {SV907114} - Site of the St Mary's boat park.

Toll's Porth - South of the Creeb, Northwest St Mary's

Halangy Porth - West of Halangy Down.



Arthur Porth - Between Little Arthur & Great Arthur.  Eastern Isles.

Bathing House Porth - South Tresco, north of Carn Near.

Black Porth - North Tešn

Bull's Porth - North St Martin's, between Turfy Hill Point & Burnt Hill.

Castle Porth - Northwest Tresco, south of Cromwell's Castle.

Cork Porth - North Tresco between Kettle Point & Piper's Hole.

Rushy Porth - East Tresco between Lizard Point & Rushy Point.

Cradle Porth - East Tresco between Rushy Point & Cradle Point

East Porth (1) - East Samson

East Porth (2) - Southwest Tešn.

Gimble Porth - Northeast Tresco opposite the island of Northwethel.

Green Porth - Northeast Tresco between Block House Point & Old Grimsby Quay.

Raven's Porth - Northeast Tresco north of Old Grimsby Quay

Appletree Bay - Southwest Tresco

Gimble Bay - Tresco

Pentle Bay - Southeast Tresco.


St Agnes & Gugh

Porth Killier (St Agnes) {SV882085} - Raised beaches visible in the cliffs.

Porth Congar  - Between north St Agnes & Gugh.

Porth Askin - West of South St Agnes)

Little Porth Askin - West Wingletang Down

Little Porth Warna- West Wingletang Down

Great Porth Warna- West Wingletang Down

Porth Coose - Northwest St Agnes

The Cove  - East St Agnes, south of The Bar.

The Cove - Between St Agnes & Gugh, south of The Bar.

St Warna's Cove - West St Agnes and east of Castella Down

Old Town Bay - South St Mary's

St Warna Bay - Southwest St Agnes

Priglis / Pericles Bay


St Martin's

Bread & Cheese Cove - North coast, east St Martin's, west Chapel Down.

Higher Town Bay - South coast of St Martin's, between Cruther's Hill & Gun Hill

Porth Seal - West St Martin's  {SV918166}

Porth Morran - Between north St Martin's and White Island

Bull's Porth - North coast St Martin's, east of Turfy Hill, west of Burnt Hill

Stony Porth -East of Burnt Hill

Wine Cove - North coast, west of Turfy Hill

St Martin's Bay - Between Turfy Hill and Top Rock Hill

Great Bay - North coast.  St Martin's Bay.

Little Bay - North coast, east of Top Rock Hill

The Cove - North-east, north-east Top Rock Hill

Butter Porth - North St Martin's, south White Island

The Porth - West St Martin's, just north of Southward Carn.

Perpitch Bay - South coast, south-east John Batty's Hill

Lawrence Bay - South coast St Martin's, west of Higher Town

Great Bay - North coast St Martin's

St Martin's Bay - North St Martin's

Higher Town Bay - South St Martins



Stinking Porth - West Bryher, south of Gweal Hill.

Stony Porth - South Bryher, south of Heathy Hill.

Stoneship Porth - West Bryher, between Gulf Rock & Great Porth.  Wreck of the Charming Molly.

Great Popplestone - Large bay, mid west Bryher.

Great Porth (Great Par?) - South-west Bryher, north of Heathy Hill

Hell Bay - Northwest Bryher

Green Bay - East Bryher

Rushey Bay - South Bryher

The Cave - West of Shipman Head Down Bryher.



West Porth (3) - Southwest Tešn

East Porth - Southwest Tešn

Black Porth - North Tešn

St Helen's Porth - West Tešn, north of West Porth


Great Gannilly - Eastern Isles.

West Porth - West Great Ganilly. 

East Porth - East Great Ganilly

Goats Hole - South-east Great Ganilly


Little, Middle & Great Arthur

Arthur Porth - East of the Islands


Other Areas

West Porth or Westward Porth (1) - West Samson.

Nancy Porth - Southeast Rosevear