Named as Isles or Islands on Maps & Charts of Scilly

True Islands have a specific definition, many of these are rocks/ledges etc.

Burnt Island - North-west St Agnes, east of Annet

Crows Island - South-east Northwethel, south St Helen's.

Crump Island - South-east Tešn.

English Island - South-east St Martin's, east of Higher Town Bay

Foreman's Island - Between north-east Tresco & south-west Tešn.

Green Island - East of Samson, west of Nut Rock

Guther's Island - South Guther's Bar, between Tresco and south St Martin's

Hangman's Island - East Bryher, north of Kitchen Porth

Innissidgen (Island) - North-east St Mary's, north Helvear Down

Merrick Island - West Bryher, west of Great Porth.

Merrick Island - East Bryher, east of Green Bay

Newford Island - West mid St Mary's

Peashopper Island - South-east Northwethel. South St Helen's

Pernagie Isle - Far north of St Martin's, west of White Island.

Plumb Island (1) - North-east St Martin's, north of Pernagie Point.

Plumb Island (2) - Mid west Tresco, opposite Church Quay, Bryher.


Puffin Island - North-east Samson, south-west Tresco.

Ragged Island - East of Little Arthur, west of Menawethan.

Rat Island - North of Hugh Town, St Mary's, now joined to St Mary's Quay

Round Island - North of St Helen's.

Skirt Island - East Tresco, south of Pentle Bay.

Stony Island - East of mid Samson.

Taylor's Island - West of mid St Mary's.

The Island - East of Church Quay, Bryher.

Toll's Island - East St Mary's, north of Pelistry Bay

Tolman Island, Old Town (actually a peninsula)

Treweeke's Island - North coast St Martin's, east of Turfy Hill.

White Island (1) - North St Martin's.

White Island (2) - West of south Samson.