Named Downs & Hills on Scilly


St Mary's

Helvear Down - North St Mary's, behind Innisidgen.

Long Rock Down - North St Mary's behind Pendrathen.

McFarland's Down - Northwest St Mary's, south of Long Rock Down.

Carn Morval Down - West St Mary's, west of Telegraph, north of the Golf Club.

Salakee Down - Southeast St Mary's which is now the Airport.

Porth Hellick Down - East St Mary's, west of Jack's Point.

Normandy Down - East St Mary's behind Deep Point and Gap[ Point.

Mount Todden Down - East St Mary's, south of Pelistry Bay.

St Agnes & Gugh

Castella Down - West St Agnes, south of Carnew Point.

Wingletang Down - More or less to whole of the southern part of St Agnes.


Shipman Head Down - North area of Bryher, south of Shipman Head.


Castle Down - North area of Tresco, south of Tregarthen Hill.

Castle Down Brow - North of Castle Down and east of Tregarthen Hill.

Middle Down - An area north of the Great Pool, mainly to the east of the isl;and.

St Martin's

Chapel Down - Eastern area of St Martin's











St Mary's

Buzza Hill - South Hugh Town, St Mary's.

Innisidgen Hill - Northeast St Mary's, behind Innisidgen Carn

Rocky Hill - East of Thomas Porth, St Mary's

Rose Hill - Centre of St Mary's, East of Porth Mellon

Telegraph Hill - South of McFarlands Down

Toll's Hill - West of Toll's Island

St Agnes & Gugh

Pidney Brow - South Tip of St Agnes

Kittern Hill - North Gugh


Badplace Hill - North tip of Bryher, south of Shipman Head.

Timmy's Hill - Mid Bryher

Gweal Hill - Mid west Bryher, opposite Gweal Island

Samson Hill - South-east Bryher

Watch Hill - Mid Bryher, east side

Heathy Hill - South-west Bryher, east of Droppy Nose Point.


Abbey Hill - West coast of south Tresco, north of Appletree Point.

Beacon Hill - North Tresco, Southeast Castle Down.

Gun Hill - Northwest corner of Tresco.  East of Gun Hole.

Plumb Hill - West coast of south Tresco, south of Abbey Farm

Towns Hill - East of New Grimsby Quay

Tregarthen Hill - North-east corner of Tresco

Vane Hill - East of New Grimsby, Central West Tresco

St Martin's

Burnt Hill - Promontory on the north coast St Martin's

Cruther's Hill - South of Higher Town, southern tip of St Martin's.

Gun Hill - East St Martin's, south coast, below John Batty's Hill.

John Batty's Hill - East St Martin's above Gun Hill.

Tinkler's Hill - West St Martin's, above Lower Town.

Top Rock Hill - Northwest, St Martin's, behind Top Rock.

Turfy Hill - Mid north coast, St Martin's


North Hill or Northward Hill

South Hill or Southward Hill


Great Hill

St Helen's

St Helens Hill