Kelp Pits

The Toll's Island Kelp Pits (The area on the island is SV 908 123)

The picture on the left is a shot showing background which may help find the pit.  They are on the south side of the island, not far apart from each other, and are possibly the best examples on Scilly.  See map [sah p43]   Like most of these pits they were introduced from c. 1684.

Toll's Island Kelp Pit No. 1

Toll's Island Kelp Pit No. 2

Toll's Island Kelp Pit No. 3

Toll's Island Kelp Pit No. 4


Kelp Pit on St Mary's, path approaching Halangy from Juliet's Garden.

This measures 1.4 metres diameter and is quite deep at 0.5 metres.

Coast Path St Martin's - The foot of the eastern slope of Tinker's Hill (BNG-SX 916, 165)

Also - White Island on the cliff top path to the east of Porth Morran on the west side of the island (Awaiting Photograph)  See [sah p34]

Two pits are recorded in north Gugh near Kittern Hill by [sah p30]  Around SV 888, 087