Headlands, Points & Brows

St Mary's

North going clockwise:

Bar Point - Extreme north of St Mary's.
Block House Point - Northeast St Mary's, north of Watermill Cove.
Gap Point - Extreme east of St Mary's, north of Deep Point.
Deep Point - Extreme east of St Mary's, south of Gap Point.
Jacky's Point - Southeast St Mary's, north of Porth Hellick Point
Porth Hellick Point - Southeast St Mary's, east of Porth Hellick.
Newfoundland Point - Southeast St Mary's, south of Porth Hellick Point
Church Point - South St Mary's, south of the Airport
Tolman Point (Tolman Head) - South St Mary's, east of Old Town Bay
Peninnis Head - Extreme south of St Mary's.
Outer Head - Extreme south of St Mary's.
Inner Head - Extreme south of St Mary's.
Morning Point - Garrison
Woolpack Point - South of the Garrison.
Steval Point - Extreme west point of the Garrison.  [Arch. Stevern Point]
Carn Morval Point - West St Mary's, west of Golf Course.
Halangy Point - Northeast St Mary's, north of Halangy Porth.


Kettle Point - North Tresco, north of Gun Hole.
Merchants Point - Northeast Tresco, south of Gimble Porth.
Block House Point - Northeast Tresco, below the Block House.
Long Point - Northeast Tresco, East of the Island Hotel.
Cradle Point - Between Cook's Porth & Cradle Porth.
Rushy Point - Between Cradle Porth & Rushy Porth.
Lizard Point - Most easterly Tresco, north Pentle Bay
Skirt Point - Southeast Tresco
Tobaccoman's Point - Southeast Tresco
Crow Point - Most southerly Tresco near Carn Near Quay
Appletree Point - North of Appletree Bay
Frenchman's Point - West of Beacon Hill, west Tresco.
Gimble Point - Most westerly Tresco and west Castle Down

St Agnes

Browarth Point - North Tip of St Agnes.
Kallimay Point - North St Agnes, east of Porth Killier
šn Plat Point - Southeast St Agnes, north of Beady Pool.
Grandfather Hugh's Point - South St Agnes, south of Beady Pool
Horse Point - South Tip of St Agnes
Long Point - West St Agnes, south of Castella Down, Southwest Camper Dizzle.
Carnew Point - Extreme west of St Agnes off Troy Town Farm.
Camperdizl Point?


Gull Point - Northeast Gugh near Kittern Hill
Dropnose Point - East Gugh south of Dropnose Porth
Hoe Point - Extreme south of Gugh.
Witcher Point - Northeast Gugh, south of Gull Point.


Shipman Head - Most northerly land mass of Bryher.

The Brow - South Bryher, south of Green Bay
Works Point - Most southerly on Bryher, east of Rushy Bay.
Droppy Nose Point - Southwest Bryher, west of Heathy Hill.
Point of Bars - South Bryher, south Stinking Porth, east Merrick Island.
Popplestone Brow - Mid Bryher, north of Gweal Hill.  There is a Popplestone Corner, St Martin's.



Bollard Point - Most Northerly Samson.
Bar Point - Most Easterly Samson.
Southard Well Point - South of the Island
Shag Point - Most Westerly Samson.

St Martin's

Scilly Point - East of the northern part.
Turfy Hill Point  - Central St Martin's, north of Turfy Hill.
Popplestone Corner? East tip St Martin's, northwest coast
St Martin's Head - North of Chapel Down.
Brandy Point - South of Chapel Down.
English Island Point - Southern St Martin's east of Higher Town Bay.
Cruther's Point - Southern St Martin's west of Higher Town Bay.
Goat's Point - Extreme west of St Martin's, north of Lower Town Quay.
Tinkler's Point -Northwest St Martin's below Tinkler's Hill.
Pernagie Point - North St Martin's north Porth Seal.

Pernagie Brow - South Pernagie Island, north St Martin's, west White island

White Island

Shag Point - North
Jacky's Point - South


Clodgie Point - South Tešn, west of Shaken Hill.

St Helen's

Didley's Point - East of the Island
Golden Ball Brow - West St Helen's, between Men-a vaur & Northwethel.


China Point - Southeast.


Butterman's Point - Northeast of the island.
Annet Head - North Annet

Western Rocks

Pednathise Head - South of the chain of rocks, south of Rosevear and Rosevean.
Melledgan Head - South of Melledgan.


Arther Head - South of Great Arthur.  Eastern Isles


Ganinick Brow - Between Little & Great Ganinick.  Eastern Isles