Gallery of Illustrations

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Across Gorragan to the Bishop [ts]

Annet Neck

Arch Druid's Chair

Bird's Head at Peninnis

Bird Rock Bryher


Blue Thunda

Buzza Hill & Tower

Carn Thomas

Carved Seat on Bryher

Chad Girt, St Martin's [ts]

Clowdisley Shovell's Memorial at Porth Hellick

Dick's Carn

Field Walls at Shipman Head, Bryher

Grain Store Pillars at Bryher

Hangman's Island Bryher

Harold Wilson's Grave

Hellweather's Neck



Horses on Bryher

Innisidgen - Lower Burial Chamber

Innisidgen - Higher Burial Chamber

Nags Head on St Agnes

Obadiah's Barrow Gugh

Old Man of Gugh

Penninis Lighthouse

Penninis Mill

Pettifox at Town Beach

Pilchard Pool St Mary's

Piper's Hole St Mary's

Porth Hellick Burial Chamber

Porth Hellick Battery

Produce on Bryher

Pump in the Park

Rainbow over Buccaneer

Rainbows Over Town Beach

Round Island Lighthouse [ts]

Sacred Bowl Porth Hellick Down


Sandstone on North Bryher

Sussex Gig Shed, Bryher

Sleeping Poet at Peninnis

Snooty & Turtle Rock

St Warna's Well

Storm at Shipman's Head [ts]

Tall plant near Hugh Town Park

The Crow

The Monk

The Toast Rack

The Tooth Rock

The Transformers Head

The Witches Head

Todden Watch House

Turtle Rock

Washed Up at Nornour

Western Isles Sunset